Replacement 60"+ set advice needed as to what brand/model?


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Have had a Sony Bravia 60" set go faulty and appears I am going to receive a full refund as the model is no longer made and now need to find a replacement

I guess I was never 100% convinced that the IQ of the Sony compared to previous Panasonic Plasma (panels) that I had owned (42" and 50" sets) so am inclined to think a plasma rather than an LCD and equally I know I should probably "road test" for myself but having not expected to be in this situation with the faulty set only developing in the last week and potentially having the set taken away in the next couple of weeks I thought some advice from the forums may help guide me

Only stipulation is must be 60/65 inch size, full HD and not remotely interested/bothered about 3D and would probably avoid as not seen one set yet that does it for me!!

All advice appreciated


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Hmmm, seems like I only really have two choices!

The Panny 65VT30 and the Samsung PS64D8000? Nothing else out there fits the bill from what I can see so far?


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gtNope:) thats the only two at that size with both having clear pros and cons. You need to by a 3D set to get the best 2D sets now, the 3D on my GT30 is actually quite good with decent material, wasnt after 3D myself but glad I have it now, even on my wee 46".


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So after 'trying' to demo both sets very unsuccessfully, seriously what AV dealer doesn't have a working TV feed of any description and only a black and white movie on blu ray as demo material (Barretts Digital World of Canterbury, should you wish to avoid) I gave up and after trawling the net for a great deal I decided a 3.5 hr round trip to Essex was in order to buy a 65VT30 with 5 yr Panasonic warranty, 4x glasses for just a smidge over £3100

The deal swinger was a promise to deliver tomorrow!!!

So fingers crossed the right decision has been made, I did get to see the 50" version in the Essex shop and did look pretty HQ picture although no proper testing done and not in a proper demo room so won't really get any decent testing done till the new set arrives

Just got to hope that the wall bracket fits the new monolith (will be b*******d if it doesn't) and then once the hangover disappears on Sunday will have a good play, even activated Sky 3d in preparation (not that I am excited of course!)
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