replace rear speakers and surround for nakachimi 9.2.4


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hi ive bought a nakachimi 9.2.4soundbar hooked it upto my setup sounds excellent

my query is i was told that you can change over the rear and surround speakers of the soundbar i want to get the verybest sound effect immersion and overhead effects possible with the soundbar
can you please highly recommend a setof rear and surround speakers that can replace the rear and surround speakers of nakachimi 9.24
i want the sound quality from even betterspeakers that ican use with the soundbar thanks i want it to go from excellent to amazing

Joe Fernand

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Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 - changing the effects channel speakers is going to make little or no differences to what you hear.

If you inadvertently pair the wrong speakers with the System things could sound worse!

Ensuring you have the optimal room layout (seating, speaker positioning etc), room acoustics is where to concentrate your fine tuning.


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