replace my cd63mk2KI


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i need to replace my, as some say 'ancient', Marantz cdplayer(i am replacing my whole set unit by unit), for something more analog sounding.
Price range aprox 750 sterling.
any ideas?
Cambrigde 840/Arcam FHJ17/Rega Apollo/Roksan K2??

My cd deck is hooked to a RC/RB870BX Rotel pre/power and Dynaudio Audience 40 speakers.
I spin anything from Coltrane, Rush,classical, country rock to hard-rock & even metal.:lease:
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years ago I happily moved from a 63 KI to a Linn Genki and was very impressed. Should find one used for £400-500


It can be upgraded, that's all I will say. Do a search and find a number of people who have already had these players modded to great effect.


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It can be upgraded, that's all I will say. Do a search and find a number of people who have already had these players modded to great effect.

I'd echo those comments. I used to own one and I regret simply selling it. It was a wonderfully musical player. With hindsight I should have tried re-clocking it first. There is a lot of advice on TNT-Audio.


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You should upgrade your speakers and amps before a CD change you are contemplating. Both look out of synch with a £750 CDP. IMHO. In fact for £450-500 you could pick up Dynaudio Contour 1.3 IIs and £250 on a Sony ES amp for yesteryear. The 1.3IIs will be a big upgrade over the 40s. Likewise amp wise you can do a lot with £250 second hand.


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@ ram374

when do you plan to upgrade the rest of your kit? and what's the budget you have in mind for them?

if the answer is soon, and you've allocated another 750 each for amp and speakers, i'd definitely recommend auditioning the ca 840c. i was all set to replace my audio analogue paganinai with a primare cd31 (to match my primare i30 amp) until i heard an 840c.


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thanks all of you. I will contact some modifiers, cause i do believe the masterclock is the main issue.
Will listen to the 840C.(also looking at the cambridge DAC)
I will replace my pre/pwr amp soon indeed to an integrated. for aprox 1k euro. British designed!

The cd63ki i got is very old the 'ki signature' letters are gold painted plastic, glued to the front!!! (not the copper plate)
It just that i played vinyl 4 days in a row, and went back do a cd, and nearly wept...was like plastic!

Anyone familiar with MHZS 88 player?


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Ram - your speakers to me are the biggest log jam in your system no matter what you do CD or Amp wise. You should be changing those first.


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I am kinda happy with these little rascals; i have neighbours above/beneath/the left. I rather have '4 on the floor' (i used to have B&W dm2MK2 with modded crossovers) but whats the need if i cant crank it up.
The sound i dont like isn't the speakers (i have very analystic, but fatigueing, cdm1se in the bedroom). I am quite used to the sound of the rotel/dynaudio combi and can really enjoy them (and i KNOW what i am missing).
Anyways..i think i will look for an outboard tube DAC.
24/192..anyone wants to sell me one....never had a seperate DAC).
(and when i go for a new player it'll be the CEC tl51 ie...which i'll import myself)


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someone advised to change speakers....I purchased Dynaudio Contour 1.3MK2, Audioquest Type4 skrcble & dianomdback connectors...!
Shouldve not been so stubborns..SOund is so much better.
Looking for a Arcam cd player now..
Thought i update you all

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