Replace Cambridge CXA60 & Sonos Connect with Marantz PM7000N?


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Hello all, I would like some advice about potentially replacing my stereo amplifier.

I have owned a Cambridge CXA60 amplifier for a few years now. I originally planned to buy the CXN network streamer but never bought it partly due to indecision and the expense. I have been using a Sonos Connect with the CXA60 (connected via digital coax to use the supposedly superior DAC in the amp).

I was intending to replace the Sonos Connect with the newer Sonos Port. I own an iPhone and iPad so I thought that a good advantage to using the Sonos Port would be AirPlay. (No AirPlay on the old Connect). It is nice to use a streaming service’s own app instead of having to use the Sonos app. (I’m also aware of Bluesound Node also but I have a lot of small Sonos speakers around my home so was just sticking with what I know!)

In researching the Sonos Port, I suddenly thought.. wouldn’t it be a better idea to buy a brand new stereo amplifier with AirPlay/network streaming built in? Then I could sell the CXA60 and I wouldn’t need the additional Sonos device in my set up. The amp that stands out to me at this moment in time is the Marantz PM7000N. (Looking at this Marantz amp, I see references to HEOS which I do not know much about. I’m not sure if this works with services such as Apple Music). I would probably mostly be playing Apple Music via Airplay to this amp.

I currently use Apple Music as we are a family of iPhone users who have a family plan (a hi-fi tier is rumoured to be available soon), but I sometimes use other lossless services as well (such as Tidal, Amazon, Qobuz) to try them out.

My main concern would be sound quality. I use Dali Zensor 3 speakers, I play ALL types of music, and I wondered if anyone knows which combination would sound best:

Cambridge CXA60 with Sonos Port (using Sonos app/AirPlay 2)
Marantz PM7000N (using AirPlay 2 and maybe the HEOS app).

Thanks for any advice.
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Not answering your exact question because I've heard neither, though do have a marantz amp and like the sound signature, but wondering would it make more (financial) sense to sell what you have and go for the sonos amp (newest version)


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Sonos Amp is Class D, PM7000N is Class A/B which I believe is better. I went on the advice of my local HiFi store who also sells Cambridge, and got the Marantz. The owner said between the two, he likes the bass better in the Marantz. I am a sucker for bass.

It sounds awesome, but there are a few caveats about the PM7000N. It does not currently support Tidal Connect, which is new. It plays Tidal through the Marantz/Denon HEOS app at 16/44 (CD quality). It does not support Qobuz natively, you would have to use the mconnect app to hear the high-res material. Or you can use the Qobuz app through Airplay, but Airplay is limited to 16/44, so that kind of defeats the purpose of Qobuz. I found mconnect lite to be too unreliable and too much of a pain to be worth the price of the Qobuz subscription. I need to pay the $6 and try the full mconnect app. Qobuz is working on a "Qobuz Connect" type thing, which I hope the PM7000N will eventually support via a firmware update. The PM7000N plays Spotify Connect natively, which is nice because then the music is not going through your phone, draining your battery. You just use your phone as the controller. Apple Music only plays through Airplay.

Edit - looks like Amazon Music ($11/mo) Ultra HD is supported through HEOS up to 24/192.

All that said, I don't think there is a better way to spend $1000 on a stereo receiver+streamer. Loving mine.

This is a good related thread:
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