Replace Arcam AVR300 with Sony STR-DN1080


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I have had the AVR300 since 2007 and it has developed a power fault - press the power button and it works sometimes, but mostly not. Repeated toggling can result in power-up, but it is becoming increasingly rare. A bit of googling suggests that I have been lucky to have been problem free for this long and return to Arcam for repair would cost a LOT.
I bought it to replace a stereo amp, and added 2 KEF rears and an AE centre to go with the existing AE floorstanders shown in my sig, at the same time. I chose the Arcam as it had a good reputation for 2-channel as well as surround, and I would like to follow that philosophy, though my listening habits have changed to the extent that pure music listening in that room has reduced a lot, and the source is usually Deezer streaming through a Sonos Port.
A bit of research has turned up the Sony STR-DN1080 which @Steve Withers seems to be very impressed with it; "the DN1080 also handled two-channel music very well".
This fits my budget (£429 - I am no longer in the Arcam league) and is my preference at the moment.
Any comments please? (Long term listener to the podcast @Steve Withers - 1 of the best I listen to :)


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Well, all I can say that str-dn1080 is an excellent choice (I use it myself), but you may want to read this thread first. It has some minor flaws.


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