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Been a while since I posted on these forums, but would appreciate any suggestions you can make.

I currently have an Oppo BDP-83 but would like to enter the world of Video streaming from Netflix etc. and would like to change to a Blu-Ray player which has inbuilt streaming capability.

My question is do I really need to buy an Oppo 103 for £500 or would a cheaper player suit my needs. ?

Here is my setup.

Oppo BDP-83 connected via HDMI-only through a Yamaha DSP-Z7 receiver to a Panasonic 46" Plasma

Although I like quality-built products, (I had a couple of Arcam DVD players prior to the Oppo), I don't use the Audio outputs of the Oppo and don't think I would make the most of the features of the BDP 103.

From initial research yesterday I identified a couple of options….

Sony BDP-S790
Panasonic BDT 500

However, it looks like I'm a couple of months too late for these as they are no longer readily available.

Are there any obvious choices that I've missed in the sub-£500 range or are there replacements for the above Sony or Panasonic players that I should look at ?

Thanks in advance.


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The sony replacement was the bdp-a600 but do you need the twin hdmi outs.? The top of the range panny is now the dmp-bdt460 iirc.


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Thanks - I did a little more research after posting here and took a chance with a BDT-460 yesterday. Haven't spent much time with it yet but so far it looks like it will suit my needs.
Bit of a difference in size and weight to the Oppo but the picture quality looks to be identical, at least for Blu-ray disks on my TV.


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I updated my BDP-83 only a couple of weeks ago to a Sony A6000, purely to sample 3D content.

The sony is pretty good, and it was a pleasant surprise to find it fairly hushed in operation.
It's a lot smaller than the Oppo though (which makes it 'seam' lightweight and flimsy), and the Oppo is much nicer to use... For example trying to search for a particular part of a film is a breeze on the Oppo, but it's a bit of a faff on the Sony.

If you just wanted streaming capability, I would've chosen a dedicated streamer and kept your Oppo.

I've kept mine.

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