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Repair or upgrade

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by dsavin, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. dsavin


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    HI all,

    Here is my Virgin post, i hope you can help.

    I have a Teac Ref 500 hifi system which i love. However last year my cd player decided it would not play all disks. Some you'd insert, it would spin them up but fail to recognise a disk was in the machine. luckily although unhappily it was under warranty and off it went back to teac's service centre. A new laser, some other tweaks and everyting was fine and dandy...... until now. All of a sudden my player decides that it does not like every disk you put in it ...again (more rather than less). But unlike last time the cd tray closes, the player spins the disk up.... says "haha i dont think so" spits the drawer back open. If you close the tray again in that "OK so we have to force feed you" type manor we get the required result of a recognised disk and everything is cool on second attempt??? :confused:

    Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong .......(no it's not the disks, i look after my CD's)?

    It's to the point of irritation that i'm considering a new hifi but the rest of my kit is fine. I have read that some Cyrus hifi's (my next choice of hifi) and other mid priced systems suffer similar problems?

    Can anyone advise what they think the problem is and how much they think i could expect to be fleased getting the problem repaired :rolleyes:

    cheers all

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