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Hi all,

Just after some advice please!?

I have got a Sony VCR that I bought about 4/5 years ago and the damn thing has gone on the blink. I have taken it to a repair shop for a quote and the dude in the shop has told me the heads have gone and the only way to fix it is to replace them and the "drum assembly?" as they are one part. I paid about £350 for the VCR(top of the range back then) new but the repair quoted is £170!!

I am now considering whether to get it repaired or whether to make the giant leap into another recording format such as DVD or HD? The guy in the shop has told me to steer clear of DVD recorders for a while because the formats are still being messed with? Is this true? Should I make the leap or get my old faithful repaired as tapes are cheap and I have got a DVD player already?

Very confused and concious of paying over the odds for a repair when a better and cheaper alternative is available.

Thanks in advance.


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I wouldn't waste my time getting it repaired, an equivalent model today could well be in the region of what you are paying for a repair.
Can't really advise what to go for as there are so many options available, but hard disc recording looks the way to go with whatever format you want to use along side, it all depends on your needs.
I only need a unit for time shifting, and the pace twin does that for me.



You could pay £170 today and then something else goes and you need to pay for another repair - not VFM IMHO. Get a new VCR for less than the £170 that will give you 12 (or more) months peace of mind. JVC & Panasonic seem to be the best options at the moment.
If replay of old tapes is not a required then I would highly recommend a TiVo. Its the only true PVR and is simply the best and is the only option that will work with all the TV platforms.



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I replaced the heads in a JVC recorder a few years ago. It was very easy, only needed to undo a couple of screws, lift out the old drum, drop in the new and re-solder a couple of wires.

I bought the head drum from some company in England and if you look in a magazine called Television (it's for TV repairmen etc.) there are a few companies advertising replacement heads. It would be worth giving them a call.

I think the complete drum assembly was about £15.

Good luck.

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