Renting Plasma's?


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I realise this is probably a silly question considering how comparatively new plasma TV's are, but is anywhere like Radio Rentals renting them yet?

I'm looking for a new TV (in fact have recently had a bad experience with 3 Toshiba 28ZD26P's before getting a refund) and aside from a few CRT sets, something like a 32" or 37" plasma is starting to appeal. However, I'm not quite willing to pay the current prices for plasma sets and would want to wait for them to come down a bit before purchasing, hence the idea to rent for the time being.


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I would have thought that by the time you've rented one for 6/12 months you'll have nearly paid for it and then you'll have to buy one aswell ... ??



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Well having never rented a TV before I've no idea what percentage of the cost of the set the rental works out at, but I wouldn't have thought that you'd pay for the whole thing in 12 months, otherwise where's the incentive to rent? A small bit of intensive saving for a couple of months and you could buy outright....

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