rent choice (or buy ??)



I have rented for sometime from Box Clever, but recently had some poor service issues so decided to look round to buy and had set my heart at a Panasonic TX-32ph40.

rang box clever and they have come up with a deal to keep my custom either :-

1. a six month old Philips Ph32pw9525 + video for same price I am paying now £28 pm


2. A new panasonic NPTX32PL1 + video for £7 extra pm

Any ideas - I thought I had solved issue but now in dilema??


Stuart Wright

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Interesting that you were renting and are considering buying.
Can't help you with your buying question, but have you considered renting from a different retailer?
I must admit if I were thinking about getting a new largish TV I'd strongly consider renting.


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We are renting from Box Stupid, but only because the local dealer we were using closed shop and gave the rental business to them. We went to the other dealer because they were much cheaper. We got an oldish Toshiba 32" for £25/month. BC wanted around £35. When BC took the account they kept the price the same. Since then the set has been in a couple of times to fix the surround. They gave up in the end and gave us a nice new Philips, at the same price. I think if we wanted to upgrade we would probably get hit with a standard price.

£32 for the TV and video sounds pretty good. Check around the local TV shops and see what deals they offer. You may end up with better service.


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