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      Reviewed by Keith Hurst
      Well I do enjoy musicals in the theatre, didn't think I would when I first went, but there is nothing like seeing actual people perform live. When taking a respected piece such as Rent you have to tread carefully because its transformation to celluloid is not an easy task. Rob Marshall did a sterling job of Chicago and Columbus more or less hits the mark here with Rent; and that's really slightly more rather than a lot less.

      It's fair to say that I more than enjoyed this feature, loved most of the songs; the filming, framing and choreography more than respectable. If anything I would have liked Columbus to dive a little deeper into the darker side of drug abuse or show the absolute squalor of some unfortunate souls who have to scrape by for a living; here they look a little too polished for my liking.

      Still for some this disc has to be recommended, those who enjoy musicals. For the rest I can certainly say rent Rent as you might well be surprised. Either way it's an interesting 2 hours just getting the disc for the Larson documentary. Recommended.
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