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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by kfp22, Jul 3, 2016.

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    Hello, I hope to get some advice on how I should setup the wiring between my PC in the bedroom, and the A/V receiver in the living room.

    Layout (as in the picture below):
    1) In the living room, a 4K-passthrough-capable A/V receiver, placed near the router and TV. There is also an NAS connected to the router.
    2) In the bedroom, a desk with PC, monitor and Keyboard. This is about 10m away from the receiver in living room.

    1) I would like to be able to play 4K, Atmos surround sound video from my PC to my receiver.
    2) A secondary consideration is that there could be a chance that I might want to play PC games on my UHDTV in the future.

    How would you suggest to connect the PC to the living room? I could think of a few possibilities, but don't know which one (or any) is the best (and which one is the most affordable):

    1) Run HDMI and USB wires directly from living room to bedroom
    2) Use an HDMI extender to connect my PC to the receiver
    3) Buy a separate PC for the living room

    Also, what kind of cables / extenders would you recommend me getting for this setup?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Movie viewing - you could use the TV (assuming it can stream the file formats you have), a Network Streamer, a BD Player or Gaming Console with streaming capabilities, a 'local' PC or the remote PC. Most will support 2160p - though HDR and 'immersive audio' may narrow the list down.

    Gaming - the main 'issue' is controlling the remote PC without introducing unwanted lag in the gaming experience.

    Remote PC to AVR - 1080p can be reliably achieved over a relatively low cost 10m 'Standard' speed HDMI cable, achieving 2160p is another matter and currently a Fibre HDMI cable is the only reliable option. You can try a conventional HDMI cable but can easily run into problems at 2160p.


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