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hi all
I need help specifying a budget home cinema/living room. I am renovating my house -full strip and redecoration. I want to go beyond my current setup - TV with 2 floors standing Q acoustics speakers & Sony AV 5.2 receiver. I have seen TV wall units from Wayfair as well as a number of individuals posting pics of soffit ceilings/stud wall TV units. My question is this - what AV setup should I go for a budget of up to £2000 and how should I design my room - custom made stud wall for TV/AV kit or wall-mounted units from Wayfair? Any suggestions? The soffits and stud wall will be easier to do as the builders are around. I am also taking floorboards off and insulating the ceilings so will have good thermal/acoustic insulation in the living room. regards
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Custom designed Studwork, every time.

Then you should get what you want, where you want it. Rather than having to make something fixed work for you.

The other thing we do when we design voids for TV's to go into is, over size the void and only have the from face the size of the TV, this way there will be some space for the tv ro get rid of its heat, and also, if you ever change the TV only the from needs changing, none of the studwork.

As for system recommendations, lots of options, but if you can give some room layout and dimensions it would be better.


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Thanks, American Audio. The living room dimensions are 5.93 metres x 3.9metres. I have attached the ground floor layout. I have french doors to the garden at the rear. I have 2 windows on the sidewall. I am thinking of the front wall (left hand next to the double entry doors) to use as tv wall.


  • Proposed GF Plan Final.pdf
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