Renovation Lighting Nightmares!.

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Alex Saunders, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Alex Saunders

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    Hi All,

    When I started a complete barn renovation I never thought lighting would cause so much stress !!!, and I would love any input from you guys. :thumbsup: .

    My downstairs consists of living/cinema room and kitchen with large galleried stairway. These 3 rooms have 4 circuits of lighting in each. I looked at it when we were doing the plans, and thought oh great the Lutron Spacer system will do everything I need 600w per load, single way switching, but I could have double switching units for the hall and landing. The Master unit that controls the scenes justs sits next to the other dimmers and the infared signal works all the dimmers c/w 5 lighting scenes. OK now my problem NOT AVILABLE IN THE UK!. I know I could go for graffic eye controllers but there so bloody expensive and I was'nt botherd about 16 lighting scenes, and back box that you have to remove 1/2 your wall to fit!. I know the Lutron Telume will do the job with the remote and give me my 5 scenes, but who wants 4 light switches stuck in the middle of there wall ???. What I want is a nice looking 4 zone control approx 400w per zone that are pref stand alone, that I can switch from 2 places for the landing unit, that has approx 5 scenes and that I dont need to remorgage the house to buy.

    I dont think I want much, any idea's would be a help. (otherwise its down to B&Q for a face plate with 4 standard dimmers!)

    I'm going to take pictures as my project goes on and I'll post them on my web space so everybody can have a look.

    Eqpt to include. Arcam AVR300, ARCAM DVD79, Panasonic 42" Plasma, Full house cat5 install, PC based music/video server for streaming (to all rooms). hopefully mood lighting.

    Cheers Alex.
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    Jul 11, 2004
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    Have you considered cbus? It's available in the UK and should do what you want. I don't use cbus myself so I would suggest that you you visit and join the UKHA yahoo group. There is a searchable archive. This sort of question has been asked before. So go visit you will pick up loads of information.

    My advice would be to join the UKHA group and ask the question there. If you can give the guys an idea of how many rooms, number of lights then they will be able to give you lots more advice. Most of the main UK's HA suppliers have representatives on the list but there is no hard sell.



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