Renovating my living room for home theater usage


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Hi guys,

Looking for some friendly advise. Currently out of work whilst doing up the house on a shoe string budget. I have a lot of the kit from years back which i'd like to repurpose so looking at advice on how to optimize what i have for the size and shape of the room i have. I've drawn a bad diagram (In Microsoft paint!) below that highlights my room, my kit and my rough placements of where i'd put them. The isssues as i see them are:

1. only using 2/3rds of the room for the sound stage.
2. Not being able to move the sofa forward from it's current position meaning rear channels may not be needed.
3. My surrounds and rears being dipole speakers and this potentially causing issues with placement within the diagram.

I want to hear opinions around what speaker configuration would best suit the room (5.1, 7.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.4, etc) from kit i've got or what i could buy in the future. If for example it would be best to ditch the rear fill, keep the surrounds and add 2 more small atmos speakers into the usage sound stage i want to hear it as right now i'll be burying the cables in the walls and plastering over and running cable lines, i want to get the optimal positions ahead of time as best as i can, the kit can change later if needed.

If anyone knows of any good companies making cheap but functional AV wall plates and indivdual wall speaker plates i'd love to hear it, looked at euro module keystones etc, but america seems to have some more cost effective options, anyone know of any good websites over in the UK for this sort of thing, cheap modular would be my preference as i have cat7, coax and speaker cable runs.

If you need anything more from me let me know, and i'll try my best! Any advice is welcome!

Thanks guys you'd be really helping me out.

living room plan (5.1.2 -alternative-optimized).png
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Hi! So you're currently in a 5.1.2 setup - your in-ceiling's are in place already I assume?

You have a MLP ideally on the "join" in the sofa - directly opposite the TV and centre screen?

Personally - I wouldn't change the overhead layout. You cannot add 2 more in-ceiling for a true .4 experience - you need space behind the listening position to truly achieve this.
Your lounge is similar to mine - except I shoot down the long side and have the sofa in the same place with .2 in ceiling all I can get away with.

I would potentially move the FL out of the corner and relocate your sub to that position.
I don't know much about the KEF sub but corners of rooms give the sub a lift and you're going to get more direct sound too.

Is rotating the room an option? Perhaps the TV near the top window - to give you some space behind? You could then go with a 7.1.4 setup based on my estimates here but it depends if you're happy for the TV in front of the window or not :)

Getting the front 3 (4 including sub) optimised is where I'd be personally starting :)


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@Yorkshire AV - Thanks for the feedback! So nothings in place yet, i'm merely planning it. To make things worse if you draw a line between the sub and the little stump of wall where the extension was the ceiling is actually lowered by about a foot which is really annoying. I had the TV at the window end before and it did lead to a more optimal potential layout however with 2 sofas the room width comes into play and the room becomes galley-like and too thin and dosnt feel right. Totally agree about the extra set of atmos speakers as they cant be placed optimally. annoyingly so.

I've tried to get the layout as close to the dolby reference for 5.1.2 as i can to be honest. But with compromises like pulling the 2 atmos speakers close into the center rather than on the same line as the fronts as no ones really sitting under them if i position them per dolbys suggestion. I will do it though if someone knows it's worth it. I like the idea of moving the sub to where the front speaker is but would it matter to move the sub next to FR instead of FL as i have a power socket at that side of the door, but no socket near FL?

Do you think it's worth adding another 2 dipoles behind the sofa as RL and RR to turn it into 7.1.2 or is it just too many speakers in a smaller space and not worth it? I have them already is all.

I've taken into account your suggestions of sub and added the RL and RR speakers and added them to a new diagram the notes of the changes are in the diagram as to whats different. Better or worse?

If i wanted to really hone in on the perfect locations (i'm chasing wall cables to exact locations) how would i go about fine tuning the locations at the planning stage do you think?

living room plan (7.1.2 -optimized).png
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