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Im looking to renew all my AV cables on a one by one kind of basis.

I will be renewing all cables linked to my receiver to-tv/cd/dvd/blu ray etc etc

I want to keep them all to the same brand to keep things looking neat and tidy but dont want to spend the earth.

So ive been looking at the budget range from Fisual as all cables are reasonably priced and ready available.
Are Fisual a decent budget brand for cables or should i look elsewhere

I may look to buy a better grade HDMI cable but dont mind paying a little more. (any suggestions?)

Basically id just like to know although the Fusion budget range is cheap am i throwing my money away and should i be looking at something a little better like QED,Belkin,Chord or simular

Thanks in advance
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You have your priorities reversed.

Do not spend more on the HDMI cable unless you are going to be burying it in a wall or some other inaccessible location. You cannot improve image/sound quality by paying more, just build quality.

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I reckon the Fisual cables do a great job. I use them for HDMI from laptop to tv & optical from laptop to DAC & I've never had a problem with them.

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Thank you for the replys.I guess i will stick with my first choice (Fisual) then.

I also picked up a copy of hi-finews (feb 10) never seen this mag before as i normally stick with what hifi as products tested are normally within a working mans budget.

Anyway i picked it up as it had a cable group test among other things that caught my eye.Unfortunatley the cheapest cable was around £125 lol.

The thing that did answer my question about cables/brands and pricing etc was a artical on the last but 1 page (Off The Leash by Ken Kessler)
Its a whole page and i dont know if anyone else has read it but to cut a long story short,he basically says "wires do something but that something bears no relation to price,promise,promotion nor practice.Which he says " cables are simply taking the p. :rotfl:

So its Fisual for me ;)

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