Renault Megan senic dti 1998



Help!! just done cylinder head gasket all ok there having prob with timing belt.
I have put the peg into the flywheel for tdc for No1 cylinder the timing mark on crankshaft is ok(lined up)also the diesel pump is lined up.
the belt marks all line up spot on.
the tension ajuster is not ajusting up as the belt is slack on that side even if i push the ajuster as far as it wil go.
i am sure the belt is the right one as its the same belt formost of the renault range and citron and some vauxalls
anyone any clues
regards Ian:lease:


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It sounds like you have the wrong belt.
Turn the belt inside out and put a chalk mark on one of the teeth and count them up. Do the same for both belts. If they have the same number of teeth, you may have fitted the new tensioner incorrectly. You have fitted a new tensioner, havent you?


Hi the belt has the same number of teeth. The ajuster is is part of the idle pulley, the last belt had never been ajusted and the ajuster bolt was only screwed in a little bit, with the new belt when fully screwed the pulley was nowhere near the belt. The differenceis i can put a 50mm screw in and push the pulley to its limit so it wont go any more and there is still some play in the belt.the front of the belt from the camshaft pully round the diesel pump and down to the crankshaft pulley is the correct tension.

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