Removing XP from a dual boot


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A friend of mine has installed XP over a Win98 and ended up with a dual boot system of XP on C: and Win 98 on D:. What he wanted was just take his settings form Win98 and only have XP.
Therefore how can he remove XP from his PC and reinstall so that he only has XP but with all the settings from his Win98 setup



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Beleive me, it isn't worth the grief involved in doing an upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP.

The best thing to do is to backup data, format the drives and start again.

Your friend will only be storing up problems for the future if he goes with an upgrade.


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Along similar lines, I've ended up with 2 HDs in my PC, one is partitioned as C,D and E and the other is partitioned also (appearing as H,I and J cos I have a DVD rom and DVD-RW as F and G). Is it possible to just make the 2nd hard drive one partition ie just H:? Do I just delete partitions using XP disc management? Still haven't figured this out yet and don't wanna bodge anything up!



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Yes it is.

You have two options. The first is to use the Disk Manager to delete all the partions on the disk and then recreate one large one.

This will destroy all the data on all of the partitions on that disk.

The other option is to get a product like Parition Magic which will let you join partitions and generally move them about without data loss.

I've generally been quite weary of software like Partition Magic, but having recently used it on some servers at work, I can now say how great a product it is!

Always take backups first though, just incase.


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John (Sticker) :

I totally agree with Bursar, the Win98->XP upgrade is one of M$'s worst crimes against PC users, and they've perpetrated many. :)

To achieve what you're asking is easily done by editing the file BOOT.INI to remove references to XP, removing the XP boot block and boot loader is a tad more effort but not needed IF he insists on upgrading his Win98 system .. but he doesn't want to, even if he thinks he does. :D


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Hi Guy's
Thanks for the advice.
He has decided to go with the XP upgrade but will completely reformat his hard drive first as per your advice.


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