Removing Virgin Internal White Box for Decorating / Plastering?


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Hi all
I am having my lounge replastered and I have noticed that for my Virgin there is a small white box connected to the internal wall (not the big white box on the outside of the house). At the moment this small box on the inside looks to be held by two screws and is over the old wallpaper the previous owners had in. Ideally I want to pop this box off the wall, remove the wallpaper behind it and let the plasterer skim right up behind it all.

Is it a simple case of remove the two screws, levering it off and it will leave a cable or something just hanging through? Don't want to knacker up my Broadband but equally I do need to get it off for redecorating.

We have just broadband, no TV or phone line if that makes any difference. The box I am referring to looks just like this:



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Just unscrew it. Literally just a cover for the cables and splitter to make it look tidy and neat. Take the lot off and just leave the cable


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Note that the screws visible on the outside of the box don't secure it to the wall. The visible screws simply secure the cover and you'd need to remove the cover to then be able to access the screws that secure it to the wall. As already posted, the box is simply a case in which the spliyyer or isolator is normally placed and there's no reason why you cannot remove it in order to redecorate. THe box just basically hides where the VM cable comes into your home.

Virgin Media Box.jpeg
Virgin Media Box - Internal.jpeg

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