Removing the sub?



If I remove the sub from my pioneer dcs 313 home cinema system, will the other speakers compensate for the lack of base?

Also can I replace the surround speakers for better ones? Will the internal amp be powerful enough?

Many thanks

I'm afraid that's one of the failings an all in one system has:(
Unfortunately they offer no upgrade path and you tend to have to scrap/sell and start from scratch if you get frustrated with it's limitations. If you were to remove the sub the satalites will not compensate for the lack of bass and the whole soundstage will be thin and not really what you'd find very desirable.
You may be able to replace the front left/right with better speakers but make sure they are ones that are easily driven since your amp may not cope otherwise.

I feel the best way forward would be to save a while making do with what you currently have and once you have a suitable budget get a seperates system.
Seperates offers you the flexability to upgrade any component at any time and you can get a good budget system these days for very little money:)

edit :-

I've just looked at the specks of that system and it appears to be 75W which is fairly substantial for an all in one system. You'd probably be able to get away with replacing some of your satelites with bookshelf speakers. Something like the Mission M71i that rs sell for arond £60 a pair may be suitable and give you improved stereo sound.
Does the subwoffer conncet to the ampvia an rca phono cable and is it an active sub? if that's the case you may be able to replace the sub with one that will integrate better.
I thought as much, but thanks for confirming it. Anybody want to buy a Pioneer DCS 313???
If you have a budget in mind let us know and we'll be able to give you a few pointers to help you on your way to a suitable upgrade.

always glad to help:)

I edited my first post by the way :rolleyes:
Go on then. The reason I was considering disconnecting the sub was that even on the lowest setting the bass is really loud. I am moving to a top floor flat so I dont want to offend the peeps below me.
I need a system that will let me have complete control over the bass settings.

My budget is £250-300. Basically I would like something that looks the business and isn't too huge as my lounge will be fairly small.

Don't get me wrong I really like my Pioneer but the bass will be a problem.


Wall :smashin:
I also live in a block of flats but I live on the ground floor so it's not as bad as the situation you'll be in. If you speak to your neighbours and let them know that your hobby is av and that if it's too loud to let you know. This goes a long way to helping and setting up a line of comunication. There is also nothing stopping them from getting an uber subwoofer themselves lol.
£250- 300 could get you a seperates system comparable to what your all in one gives you at the moment. If you increased you budget to around £450 to 500 then you'd have a lot more options open to you and would give you a marked performance increase imo. You can pick up a decent budget av amp for around £180 (Yammaha, denon, marantz etc) and a good speaker package (front left/right, centre and rears without sub) from around £200 (warfdale, mission, Kef). You could add a sub to this later should you wish. Here's the usual suspects at various prices:-






£330 (I have seen for as little as £260 though)


Best to go to a local dealer to see what is on offer and to get an idea of what varying budgets do to performance and to find the sound you like. At least with a seperates system you can buy in bits. You could get an amp and fronts first and buy rears later and get a sub after that. It offers you that flexability:)
Another thing you could look at is getting a headphone system. I went this route earlier this year because of the issues with late night viewing in a block of flats:(
I bought a decent pair of headphones and a headphone amp. This gives you a remarkable level of sound performance over a conventional system. I did go to town a bit and spent quite a bit but you could get a good level of sound for much less than I paid . (which was £140 for head phones+ £400 for hedphone amp= £540 total:eek: ) The headphone system I have got is comparable sound wise to an amp and speaker set up of £000's imo. It totally blows away my current hifi system for clarity soundstage etc.

maybe something to think about later:rolleyes:
the dv99 gives considerable control over the sub three fixed levels , a treble/bass control and you can tame it down on more still on the channel level
Thats brilliant. Thanks chaps.

I will definately look into the headphone option. That could be the perfect solution.

Thanks again.


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