Removing of pixelation with my DVC



I have been using My Canon MV1 for a while and am looking to get a Canon XM2 or XL1 . If I use either of those cameras will this remove the poor pixelation I get with fast panning and from some reflective surfaces.
I use a P4 1.4 Pc with 256 ram and Pinnacle Studio 8, this is good for basic editing and VCD/DVD production and I will have to upgrade the hardware and software too if I want to go semi pro.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Hi Jamsa and welcome to the forum.

At what point does the pixelation first become visable?
If you plug cam into TV and it is visable then the pixalation is obviously being created by the cam and upgrading this should resolve the problem.
If the pixelation only occurs after creating the DVD disk then the chances are that it is down to the MPEG encoding and that will then need to be upgraded.

In theory your PC specs are good enough for NLE, but I have seen many reviews of Pinnacle Studio 8 that say its encoding is very poor, so it could well be down to the software alone.

For semi pro editing you are looking at programmes such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegus with separate encoding packages such as Ulead DVD Workshop. If you are going into this to make money then I suggest you get a subscription to Computer Video mag as this is the only dedicated magazine in the UK for NLE. Also take a look at their forums at

I bought my first copy of that mag yesterday, thanks. The pixelation has always been there even when Using Ulead V Studio 4, and various other edit software programs I have used over the years.
The sound issue is one I will have to address too with microphones I should think. Wind noise being the worst, even with the Canon in built filter. So long as I see improvement in the picture quality to almost Broadcast I would be delighted.
So you are saying the pixelation is on the DVD version.

I would have thought the original would be fine, so you don't need a new camera just a better MPEG2 encoder. (VBR dual pass would be a good bet)

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