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Removing Nokia Suite software, cleanly from laptop


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I have installed the Nokia suite software, twice on my laptop. It never worked satisfactorily so I uninstalled it using a 3rd party unistaller.

However, it has still left two icons behind in Windows explorer. Both are titled Nokia Phone Browser.

Now I can hide these in some views using Tweak UI, but I'd rather remove them permanently.

Now there is a Nokia product that is supposed to remove orphan files (like the fact that they've produced this speaks volumes about their software). I've downloaded it and ran it in every permutation, but still cannot remove these icons.

Can recommend any alternative removal methods?




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As requested:



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Yup, you can delete them via regedit.

Search for "Nokia Phone Browser" (without the quotes) in regedit. And delete any entries you find.

I'd advise you to backup the registry first.

How come you didn't uninstall it through the nokia interface? You said you uninstalled it via a 3rd party software.

If it helps. You can re-install the software. Then type the following command in the run dialog:

regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia PC Suite 6\Components\PhoneBrowserComponents\NokiaPhoneBrowser.dll"

That will remove the icon from My Computer. You can then unistall the Suite. ;)


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All regedit did was to remove the names of the folders. They still appear.

If I re-install the software, the folders remain with the names missing. The installation process flags up multiple errors.

The reason I used a 3rd party uninstaller as the unistallation process vai the Nokia software is exceptionally poor and often leave orphan files.

I tried using the line you suggested at the Run prompt but it will not remove the folders before or after a re-installation.


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Okay lets try asking this question in another way.

Multiple versions of the Nokia PC Suite have been removed and uninstalled. It has reached a point that it's in such a mess you cannot install any previous version of the software, or cleanly remove the remaining mess.

I have downloaded a specific Nokia removal tool. This has failed to remove the two icons that show in the screen grab above.

I have tried some poking about in the registry. All this has achieved is to remove the names of the two offending icons and not the actual icons themselves.

I cannot even hide these icons using Tweak UI, as they no longer show within that program.

I there anyway other than totally trashing and re-installing everthing on my hard drive, that will remove these two icons?


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I downloaded this utility but all it did was remove the Nokia Cable Drivers. It does not pick up on the residual Nokia PC Suite software.


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Well I managed to remove the two icons. The method was very roundabout.

I right hand clicked on the items and attempted to open them with Paint Shop Pro 7. This caused an error message to display with that application which pointed to the specifc registry keys.

I then removed these keys using Regedit.

The icons then appeared as files without association and whne right clicked, there appeared the option to delete them.

They have now gone.

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