Remove & Reinstall Powerstrip. Easy?

Mark Ward

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My Powerstrip has been quirky ever since I did a system restore some while back. The Refresh Rate says it has changed but according to my Barco it hasn't. I also have some other issues to do with resolutions I should be able toi achieve.

Ideally I'd liek to completely start again with Powerstrip and the Latest drivers available for my Radeon 9500 (Non-Pro).

How easy is this? and Can I be sure that no historical settings are left in the registry file?




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Yeah, I'm struggling with this as well, when I first installed PS my system date was wrong, now it seems to have some fictional date buried deep in the registry that means I can no longer use it, even after an uninstall and re-install :(

Anyone have a list of keys that can be removed to help with this?



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If it's just a one-off I recommend a registry tool called "jv16 Powertools". It's the best registry cleaner/tool I've seen. You can uninstall leftovers, run the cleaner or do key word searches plus a thousand other things.

Download the trial from



Mark - did you get this sorted?

I had a simliar problem with my 9800SE - changing refresh rate made no difference - it always stayed at 60Hz. You should try a little app called ATI Refresh Rate Fixer - available from Can't remember precisely what it announces when you first fire it up, but it is something about removing non-standard resolutions (or something similar), if you OK this, you can then reconfigure powerstrip to add the new resolutions again.

Hope this helps,

Mark Ward

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Thanks Chris,

No I didn't get it sorted yet, my TiVo customisation has taken priority over the past few days.

RE:- ATI Refresh Rate Fixer....Will give this a try later today.

Also thanks to CAS for the info on the Reg Fixer, howver I really don't like installing time limited trialware products on my HTPC, and MS's reg-fix seems to do OK generally.



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