Remotes for Samsung UN60JU6500


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Just got a Samsung Smart TV so my old TV universal remote needs to be upgraded. I need to know the nuances of IR and RF in purchasing a new remote to run my TV and two Direct TV DVRs.

For my Direct TV I run an old workhorse HR20/700 with a RC34 remote and beside it a HR21/200 with RC23 remote. This HR21 is set on AV1. These work fine so don't want to upset this combo if possible, as my wife uses the RC34 and RC23s at her chair..

So do I need a universal remote that is both IR and RF.?

As a side note, my new universal remote need to be Macro capable also as I am severally hearing impaired and need TV Bluetooth feed into my hearing aids. Reason for Macro is that this TV requires 4 cumbersome menu steps to tune Bluetooth into the hearing aids. Then 3 more cumbersome menu steps to turn on both the TV sound in room and in my hearing aids.

So my need is to find a universal remote to run the TV and both of the Direct TV DVRs. Any suggestions?

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