remotes for nexnix electric screens


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hi there.
just wondering if anyone knows if there's a cheaper alternative to the remote controls for the nexnix electric screens?
many thanks


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question for ailean,or anyone else who might know:

would the following do the trick:

accompanied with this:

and this:

if so,would i then just replace the rocker switch with sw10g switch and then plug it into the transceiver module?
would the remote mentioned above then just work straight away for up and down or would i need to input some sort of codes?
am i on the right lines??
sorry,not very good at electronics.
your help is very much appreciated.


Personally I'd reconmend LetsAutomate as they tend to be cheaper and the service is excellent.

To start with you need the switch, which as you say just replaces the standard rocker switch for the screen.

SW10G Wall Motor Drive Switch (£47)

This makes your screen X10 controllable.

Next you need some sort of X10 remote reciever.

IR7243 Infra-Red -> X10 Transmitter (£37.60)
(to use InfraRed)


TM13U X10 RF Receiver and X10 Transmitter (£19.95)
(to use RadioFreq)

This kind of depends on your current remote stack and if you want another for the pile. The RF receiver will need another remote like the KR19/22e keyfob types or if you have a UK Pronto remote with RF then that will work. Alternatively there are all in one remotes like the X10 EasyTouch Touchscreen Remote Control which could also replace your existing remotes if you haven't already got a learning remote.

If you have a favourite learning remote you like then the IR reciever might be easier as you can program your remote to control that (how depends on your remote).

X10 uses the mains wiring to transmit commands so once the switch is wired in to power you can plug a reciever into any socket in the house to control it (depending on your wiring you may need to use a local socket if you have seperate circuits/fuses).

Hope that helps. I'm not an expert, this is just what I learned from doing it myself as I didn't fancy my screen suppliers remote option as it was expensive, RF and I didn't fancy yet another remote on the sofa. When I asked them for a IR option they actually recommended looking at the X10 option which was kind a cool. ;)


Assuming your vsx-d2011 has a screen trigger output, why not consider using that?

Simple relay arrangement - cost less than £10.



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god knows what the above means.
i'm a total newbie to all of this,and learning something new every day.
does anyone know if what kramer suggests is possible on the vsx-d2011?
and if so,how?


Check the manual for your amp to see if it has a 12v trigger output. Basicly from the amp remote you should be able to set an output on the back of the amp to output 12v dc or 0v dc. This can be connected to a rocker style relay which when it recieves 12v dc it makes the 240v connection to the down wire and when it recieves 0v dc it does the same to the up wire.

If this makes no sence then mug someone you know who does electrical/electronics stuff. Bit more DIY but as Kramer says it should be cheap.


I couldn't spot one from that picture so it may not be on your amp (not on mine either).

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