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Hey guys,

So I need some help. I am coming from WHS V1...

I installed Unraid and everything seems to be working. I am streaming to WDTV (haven't figured everything out yet but so far tried streaming a file and it works).

Basically, I need to be running snabnzb. I need to be able to log into the unraid server from a remote location.

I have been using logmein for years with WHS for the easy way out and it worked great.

1. So how can I do this with UNraid?
2. Is it okay if I don't have a cache drive? I will be using newsgroups daily...
I just don't want to waste an entire hard drive slot for this...

Thanks for your help guys.

And also, how can I go about install unmenu without a keyboard or monitor (had to borrow it from a friend but gave it back already). Thanks


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In answer to your questions:

1. You can install Sabnzbd in unRaid by downloading the package from the forum.
2. You don't need a cache drive if you don't mind having one drive spinning all the time.

I think you can install unMenu through a telnet session to the server (I can't remember offhand). That's why I always keep a monitor handy, you never know when you'll need it!

The unRaid forums are the best source of information on what you need to do ;)


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I only own a laptop and had to borrow a monitor and keyboard from my buddy for this. I was going to get a Synology, but with all the great reviews about UnRaid I decided it would be a great cheaper option and allow me to expand and run headless. Definitely don't want to spend the $$ on a monitor and keyboard just to trouble shoot my server.

Basically, the extent of remote logging into the unraid..

1) I just need to be able to log in to control snabnzbd; ie: If I am away and I want to start downloading something so that it's ready when I get home... How would I go about doing that? Is that possible (and simple to do)?

When I had a WHSV1 I just had logmein installed and would sign in through their web page to control the server. So how could I do something similar with the unraid box? Thanks,

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