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My mother has Alzheimers & my father has vascular dementia. Access to television is very important for them. By my reckoning their Panasonic TV remote has 49, yes 49, buttons. This is incredibly complicated for them. What I’m really keen to do is to be able to turn off their television remotely at the end of the day from West Sussex. They live in the north (East Yorkshire). There must surely be a way of doing this via a third-party technology but for my many hours of trying I can’t work out how.

I had hoped that the Broadlink Smart Home Hub, RM Mini3 Smart Wi-Fi IR Universal Remote Control might be a solution, but having tried it this weekend I couldn’t get it to work. Anyone got any suggestions that work? Thanks in advance.



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Just get timer like the old boilers with on and off radial dials? Say 10pm and switches off


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Just get timer like the old boilers with on and off radial dials? Say 10pm and switches off
Not very practical if it turns-off the TV in the middle of a programme. That might cause just as much confusion. What's more, when power is re-applied the TV might be in standby. If the OP says that powering off the TV is challenging enough, powering it on might be a problem, or by extraction, the TV powering on again when it isn't needed.

As I recall, a lot of modern TVs have an inactivity timer, where if no remote button press is received after a certain time, the TV is powered off. PVRs have this feature too. Is that an option? Or perhaps a learning remote with large buttons? I don't think that a remote solution is going to be reliable enough -- too many variables. Something local is needed, I think.


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Is it a "smart" TV?

I'm able to control my Samsung Q95T via the smarthings app on my phone. This in turn is linked to the "Google Home" app. Even on a 4G mobile data connection, I can control all aspects of the TV. Obviously this does requure a broadband connection at your parents house. Along with some initial configuration on your part.

I'm thinking that you could use your mobile on a 4g data connection to turn the TV off from the comfort of your own home essentially.

Edit: I can confirm my TV can be controlled remotely via both the Google home and smarthings app (through my phone) over a 4g data signal - I turned off WiFi on my phone.
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