Remote/IR Remote App not working


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Bit of a strange one, but the remote and IR remote app I use seem to intermittently stop working for the TV (Hisense 55U7Q).

We can be sitting watching something for 20 minutes or 2 hours, go to pause etc and the remote does not respond what so ever. I will also then try the IR app that controls the TV and no response either.

Switching the TV off at plug and putting it back on again tends to resolve issue quicker (remote starts working again after a few minutes if i don't do this) but this is doing my head in and is making me want to send the TV back as something isn't right. Not sure if an update has caused this issue?

Is or has anyone else experienced this and know of any fixes? Batteries don't appear to be the issue as i have already tried new batteries (plus the app should still work...). I also read about particular phones interfering so removed phones from the room and still have the issue so doesn't appear to be another device causing the issue either.

Hopefully can get this sorted...


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I'd say tv because I have the tv remote, universal remote and Alexa not turning the TV on until I pull the plug and plug back in.
In your case an easy way to tell if it's a remote issue or a fault within the TV is to try using the buttons on the set itself to switch it on.

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