Remote for bose and plasma?


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Ive a Panny th42pa20 and a bose 35 set-up. Can i replace
both remotes with a single learning remote? I know the
plasma is IR and the bose RF, can this be done?
Many thanks guys, mark

Big Al

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Yes this can be done. Use one of the latter model prontos (Philipps or Marantz) where each device can be set up as IR or RF.

You will probally have problems learining from the bose 35 remote. Check out remote central for existing files. There are two versions so you will have to try both to see which operates your set up

Big Al


Big Al is both right and wrong! (in my opinion)

Yes you can use a Pronto or Marantz remote to work both pieces of equipment.

The RF of a pronto will NOT work a Bose LS35

You CAN NOT use a pronto to Learn RF from the Bose RF only supplied remote

On the set up menu (settings) of the Bose lifestyle 28 and 35 you can set the unit to accept IR you need to do this or it just won’t work.

On remote central web site there are files to work these systems

You download these into a Pronto/Marantz then you can work the
Bose systems by IR.

A pronto can be programmed to work your plasma and many, many other items such as Sky digital video recorders ,lights etc you can also set up macros so when you press one button you can do multiple functions.
For more info look around Remote Central

These remotes are not your average cheap learning remote and I don’t know if you want to spend this type of money on a remote.
Good places to buy are

Hope this helps


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Many thanks bob, just the info i needed. Best regards, Mark


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You can also use BOSE RF remote to do basic controls of TV (Plasma use same IR commands) using BOSE IR blaster output.

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