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I'm trying to install a remote dimmer and can't quite get the wiring right.
I've drawn a diagram of the inputs into the switches that are already here but with them being 2 way switches it's a bit of a pain.

I'm trying to replace 'Switch 1' with the dimmer. Obviously the earth goes there and I'm assuming the black wire will go into the far right terminal. I haven't a clue on the others though.

Can someone help please?


EDIT: The R terminal on the diagram is actually RS, whoops.
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Just sat and had a think about it and does this about do it?
Only problem is, how do I know which blue wire goes into which terminal?

EDIT: That's both wires going into the L terminal by the way.
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Is this a Varilight dimmer? If so you cannot use them with standard light switches, you need the Varilight slaves to go with them


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Having looked at the instructions, you need to change your standard rocker switch (switch 2) to a momentary push switch/spring return switch (with a normally open contact), as leaving a permanent live on RS terminal will probably stop it from switching off or cause it to keep cycling from bright to dim.

Dimmer switch terminals are:-
L = Permanent Live
RS = Pulse input from switch 2
~ = Switch live to load

You will also need to find out with a multimeter/voltage tester the following (unless you know already)
1. Which of the browns in switch 1 is the permament live from fusebox. (tape it so you remember)
2. Confirm that the blue in switch 1 is the switch live to the light.
3. Confirm that the other brown from switch 1 is the brown in switch 2, and the grey from switch 1 is the grey in switch 2 (almost certainly will be).

Once all this is confirmed and you have a momentary switch in ones hand connect as follows:-

Fusebox Switch 1 Switch 2
Live -------------L-------------------- Common
RS-------------------Normally Open
~ S/Live to lamp

The two black commons, stick a connector block on the end and tape them up and tuck away.


Hope this helps!


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Thanks that's a great help.
Now that you've spelt it out it makes quite a lot of sense.
Will give that a go at the weekend and let you know if all goes to plan.


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I wish to fix a new light connection controlling with a 'Remote control/touch Dimmer'. I have bought it from Homebase and it has 3connection slots indicating LOAD- S- LIVE and an Earth connection on the plate. Would you please let me know the wiring arrangement for it? I mean the 2 wires L (Brown/Red) N (Blue/Black) are coming from Main circuit and similar 2wires are available from the Light blub, how these wire are required to fix in the Switch slots?

I tried to fix by inserting two Brown wires one coming from Main and one from the light in Live or L1 and N wire i.e.; Blue/Black of the light to the LOAD (N) slot and remaining one N (Blue) wire from the Main didn't use as I don't know where to insert? The system didn't work for me. Would you please help me in this regard? Thanks lot.:lease:


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I have also got a push Button Victorian Dimmer with connections Cross Arrow(LOAD),L2 and L1 with a seperate Earth connection. Would it also take the same wiring arrangement as the above one Remote Dimmer? Thanks.

PS: I tested my wiring as mentioned above on this old Dimmer.


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Ok, assuming this light fitting is the only one in the circuit and doesn't spur power in/off to another fitting in another room somewhere (check this by looking in the fitting and see how many cables there are), connect your Brown from the fuseboard into LIVE on the dimmer, connect your Brown going to the fitting into LOAD on the dimmer, ignore S as this will be an input for a slave switch. Now connect your two neutrals (blue from fuseboard & blue from fitting) together with a connector block and tuck away. All should now work, so long as that 2-core cable going off to the light fitting is the only cable in the fitting.

Hope this helps.
Dan :lesson:

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