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    hi guys

    i was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me?

    i have 8 spotlights in my ceiling and 3 in my wardrobe and 1 light outside my bedroom on the landing that is also connected to a switch downstairs. at the moment i have 2 buttons on 1 switch in my room. one for the landing light and one for all 11 spotlights.

    i am wanting to have 4 of the spotlights in my ceiling on a separate button from the other 4 and also the 3 in the wardrobe also on a seperate button and the landing light on a seperate one.

    now can i just have a 2 gang switch where all the lights in my bedroom are connected to one button on the 2 gang switch and can be dimmed seperatley using a remote control and the landing light connected to thew other button?

    or do i need a 4 gang switch where they are all connected to different buttons

    your help would be much apreciated

    any questions please ask as im bound to confuse some people as i havnt explained it very well

    thanks mike

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