remote desk top issues


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hi guys im using my pc as a server and its hidden away in my cupboard with no monitor.
So i am using my ipad as my remote desktop however when i log on to it and try and update my itunes it doesnt let me import from my other pc's it just seems to hang when trying to open up the other libraries.

any suggestions to over come this?


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I have re-read this a number of times and cannot understand your setup.

How many PC's do you have on your network?
What software on the iPad are you using to connect to the Server?
Which machine is running itunes.
Are the directories on 'the other PCs' shared to whichever machine is running itunes.

Answers to these questions may help us to answer your question.


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Hi, I'm assuming you're using the Logmein app on the iPad along with logmein accounts on the server and each pc connected to it?

Are all the PCs running Windows 7 or a mixture?

Need to know these things first really.


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Hi guys sorry about not replying. Used pocket cloud. Seems as if there is an issue with the itunes only. So I got my MACbook out and use cord and it let's me do everything.
Thanks for the help though

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