Remote Controlled Vertical Blinds


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I'm on the look out for something that could open and shut my vertical blinds in the living room. Cant see anything in an initial search on the net, found this site unfortunately its from the US and i wouldnt wanna take the risk.

http://www.add-a-motor.com/add-a-motor web page Model 800VB.html

Is there anything similiar available here in the uk, really dont wanna spend a fortune, as its more for showing off and being too lazy than an essentail bit of kit!

Cheers guys



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Thanks Big Al,

But it wouldnt work on the Vertical Blinds i have in the Living room, as they are pull cords rather than twist. Thanks anyway!

I'm surprised there isnt anything out there been made for them?



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I use these for the curtains in the bay window (curved track so is the only 'reasonable' cost option). A bit noisy but they work OK, the competitors are a lot more money...
Laser have them in the UK. They only show the X10 controllable ;) versions on their site, but they have the 'plain' version as well.

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