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Novice post. I have a virgin TiVo box with an HDMI splitter that goes to the main TV and to a second TV in a remote location. I have installed an HDMI extender over CAT5 cable (single cable). As you are probably expecting to read, I need to be able to control the TiVo box from the remote location. I bought a magic eye system that plugs into the HDMI cable with no success whatsoever. Can somebody please recommend something for me to use? My original purchase didn’t work even in the same room with one single cable, was I just unlucky or am I doing something wrong?


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The Virgin Media TV control app includes the ability to control a TiVo or V6 over a local area network. The app is available for both iOS and Android:

If looking for a more versatile remote control solution then maybe look into the Logitech Harmony Hub. This too has both an iOS and an Android app and will control any of Virgin Media's set top boxes. It will also control just about any other device. You can also use the more conventional Logitech Harmony universal remotes in conjunction with the Hub or Hubs. The Hub itself remains located in close proximity to the devices you wish to have control over. You'd use the iOS or Anroid device to comumicate with the Hub via the app over your LAN and control the devices remotely.
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