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I'm having some building work done and using it as an excuse to consolidate all my media hardware into one place.

I am installing CAT 6 around the house to 4 separate displays in different parts of the house (mixture of projectors and 4K tvs). I will be using a video matrix to send the video everywhere using HDBaseT but my concern is control of the video sources and the matrix itself.

My hardware is:
  • Yamaha RX-V675 (Only powering speakers in same room as matrix)
  • HdAnywhere mHub 4x4
  • Tivo (Virgin Media)
  • V+ HD
  • Roku 3
  • Sony BDP-S3500
Having a strong dislike of IR emitters I would ideally like everything controlled via IP and I think the only thing in my stack which will cause problems would be the V+HD box which I could switch out for another TiVO.

As far as I see it I have the choice between Rommie/Simple Control vs a Control4 Hc250 or EA-1 system.

My questions are:
Is there anything you can see in this stack which would justify the massive expenditure on Control4 which the Rommie could not also provide?
Are there any other systems I should be considering?
Should I be looking at a used Control4 and pay only for an installer to configure and how long would this take the installer?

Many thanks in advance.
Your other problem is going to be the TVs as though many have IP control , many dont have the ability to turn on via IP so you would still need to control this via an IR remote or iP to IR device such as ItachFlex. This is likely to be true for the Tivo box as well.

On a unrelated note how does the AVR fit in with the matrix, as HDMi can only carry one type of audi (and video) signal at a time if you are viewing the same source in multi-rooms they all have to have the same audio and video capability (or switched down to the lowest common denominator (ie 1080p and Stereo)

We use Roomie/Simple Control extensively and are happy to recommend that in your case as you can easily program it yourself.


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Thanks so much for the reply @Aclass Technology . I'm not especially concerned about the TVs. Putting them through the controller software is a nice to have in my eyes.

I had a good play around with roomie and kept coming up against obstacles which were annoying me. Do you know of anyone who programmes Simple Control in the same way you pay a Control4 dealer to configure the system?

I've had a lot of different quotes for the Control4 config now so I have an idea of cost comparison.


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@Aclass Technology South East London.

I just find the layout really disappointing and not nearly as customisable as i would like. It all seemed rather flaky/intermittent too. There is no way I can convince the wife to use it as it stands and pleasing her and the kids is the greatest challenge.
The look and feel can be customised, we did this for Great Ormond Street Hospital's conference rooms. Not sure what you mean about flaky, you can get dropouts but thats usually due to wifi rather than Simple Control itself.

Do you want to email me what ideally you would want it to do, how many Ipads/IPhones etc and we can put together a solution for you
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