Remote Control protection!


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I don't know about you but remote controls get their fair amount of use and abuse and, as a result, the keys and their legends can get worn to such a point that they become difficult to read.

With the purchase of my new Pioneer DVD-R recorder and the accompanying remote which has about 60 buttons, I have decided to cover the remote, as neatly as possible, with 'Clingfilm' or eqivalent. In any case the film can easily be removed or replaced at will.

So far it works fine and you do not lose the feel of the keys etc. During the early days of ownership there is probably more use of such devices during the leaning process and so wear and tear are probably exaggerated.

It is also a great boon, if people who use them, are prone to putting on large amounts of hand cream or moisturiser as these products tend to leech into the buttons thus softening the legends and causing their demise.

I think that this is a great idea and wished that I'd thought of it before, as some of my other remotes have worn rather prematurely.

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