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I have an FVP-5000T and I find the remote doesn’t work unless you point the the remote from almost directly in front of the box. As my Box is in the corner at 45 degrees on the tv cabinet the remote doesn’t work from where I sit. Is is possible to have a tvlink or magic eye type remote ir receiver that I can control from the 5000 standard remote ?

In principle it the same as if the pvr was in a closed wooden tv cabinet and I’d want an external ir receiver to control the pvr.

Any one achieved this and have any links for what’s required.


It may be worth experimenting - placing small mirrors or small reflectors nearby - almost anything works.... or placing small diffusers over where the receiver IR diode is located ... bottle caps etc.

Many things are not opaque to infra red.


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I bought a Harmony 200 refurbished from Amazon. Downloaded the software but despite putting in new batteries and connecting the usb lead, and other usb leads I have, there is no comma with the remote control. It continually states 0% progress and asks to either connect the usb or press a remote button to wake it up. When I press the remote button I can see the green backlight but no connection.

Am I missing something or have I bought a duffer ?

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