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I have been struggling with a remote control setup for a while.

I'm currently using a harmony (885) but it's not been very satisfactory for controlling the PC and, as a result, not being used by SWMBO.

Therefore it's time to sort something out. I believe the main issue to be either the IR receiver (HP one connected via USB) or just the PC taking too long to respond to the signals received.

The devices I have at the moment are:
1. Windows 7 Media Centre PC
2. Philips LCD TV
3. Pioneer lx51 amp (has IR in/out ports so no need for an emitter for it)

Thinking about it I could go and get a different receiver (though they don't seem all that easy to come by) and maybe have the same issues or I could go a different direction.

Thus I'm leaning towards replacing it altogether with a tablet/smartphone type solution as we currently have a couple of Android phones and will likely be getting a tablet soonish.

Thinking that something like the iTach TCP/IP to IR (Infrared Control) connected up (I have network points available) using one of the included emitters and a cable to connect to the amp control-in would take care of the TV and Amp side.

What apps will work with it?

However for the PC I'm not so certain? I did have a play around with Unified Remote in the past and it was quite alright via wifi. However using the iTach would suggest that I would need to stick with IR for the PC which may retain the current issues. The problem is that, ideally, I would need one app that would handle both network and IR controlling (i.e. not all control requests going through the iTach).

Does this make sense? Is it possible to achieve what I want - a simple, configurable (i.e. macros) touch screen setup?

Any/all advice or experiences welcome on this one please.


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I should also say I would also consider extending this down the road to control other stuff around the house.

I've also just come accross iRule for Android which seems to suggest that a combination of network and IR gateway controlling is not an issue though it does seem a bit on the expensive side.
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Is there any IR device that I could connect to the media centre in order to control the Amp and TV? That way it may be a cheaper option than the iTach. I would imagine that the app side might not be up to it - though can girder or the likes handle vol up/down, source selection, etc. from the likes of unified remote?

This option may be slower to react though?

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