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A quick question regarding remote control codes.

I was reading the post for the standby on the CD33 and it was mentioned by someone that their CD73 was able to go into standby mode.. excellent I thought as this is the same model as I opened the manual to see how to do this and in the manual it mentions that the remote control code for on/off is 20-123 & 20-124 respectively...but what exactly does this mean ?

Is it simply a case of pressing 2,0 and then 1,2,3 or am I on completely the wrong track?

I have been trying to figure out how to get these working but am not really having much luck and can not find anywhere where they are easily explained.

Anyway, any pointers would be much appreciated.


I think I have just found the answer to my question :rolleyes: ... in order to allow this to work I will need to get a 'learning remote'.

Would something like the Pronto Neo do the job?
ijd said:

I don't think that will do the job, you need a remote that can be programmed via PC and allows you to enter discrete RC5 commands. The remote you have linked to to above is only a learning remote that will copy commands from other remotes. You need a programmable remote that you can create commands that aren't even on the origianl remote. The Marantz RC3200 would be a good start.
The Marantz looks to be a better bet.

Is this going to be able to control the Amp, dvd and cd and is it a reasonably easy process to add new code (ie: in the case of the CD setting up the power on/off toggle).

Is this going to do as good a job as say the Pronto Neo or NG? and is one easier/simpler to programme than the other?

Sorry for all the questions, am reasonably (read very) new to the audio side of things & thanks for the info it is much appreciated :thumbsup:
Hi Alastair,

The Marantz and Philips are both pronto type remotes designed in very much the same way (IIRC from when Philips owned Marantz). I've had a Marantz RC5200, and now have a Pronto NG TSU7000, and both sets of software follow the same principles of page design and flexibility.

As to which one you want to get depends on a few factors, how many pieces of equipment you want to control, how patient you are with programming them, and how much money you have to spend! There are other remotes that will do the trick instead of these pronto clones.

The Marantz and Philips pronto's both give ultimate flexibility to controls all your kit, but at a price. If you want to try them out, download their software of the respective company site now, and have a play. Also use as a good source of others who have programmed their remotes for you to download and check out what these remotes are really capable of.

Alo, have a look at the remote control specific forum here on AVForums. There you will get a few more opinions on these remotes, and others, especially the Logitech ones which will do what you need, but are cheaper.


Thanks Andy..

I have 3 bit of equipment (well 4 if you include the TV) that I need to control, and it will make life a lot easier to have a single bit of equipment rather than a million remotes.

I am going to do as you suggest and download the apps for the marantz and pronto and have a butchers at it and a play with the programming etc neither unit is exactly cheep and I want to be sure before handing over some hard earned cash ;)

Thanks again for your help and advise


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