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Upgraded from Sky+ to HD a week ago and is currently somewhat unhappy about it. My discontent increases day by day. I have no grumbles with the Sky engineer. He was friendly and came back for a second visit same day when I called him about my problems. However, he was unable to solve them.

2 problems:

1) My tv is a Pioneer PDP 427XD and trying to program the HD remote control has proven a problem. I tried codes 0166 and 0707 and they both work except I cannot control the volume. The engineer concluded the codes work but it is not stored for some reason. He said, he would contact the specialist engineers about it, but if they hadn't got a solution, there would be nothing that could be done. Strange when both my Sky+ box worked fine and also my previous standard Sky box before that. Where is the problem exactly? Is it the remote control or what?

2) I distribute the signal throughout the house and boost the signal along the way. This caused no problem on the Sky+ box or the standard box. Now, however, I get audio noise that best can be described as someone blowing down a microphone. The engineer called it interference and activated an audio filter on one of the tvs in the house. The problem is still there though and it is annoying!

3) Oh and the box is very noisy. I thought the Sky+ box was noisy already but this one beats it. I must keep volume higher now not to hear it. Any tricks?

Should I demand to have another box or what can there be done about my problems?

The box is a Samsung, model "HDSKY", dated "Sept 2008"
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