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Remote codes not working


Standard Member
Ok heres the problem...I enter the codes into the remote for the tv....do everything text book ...hit the off button and the tv switches off...then i switch it back on and turn up the volume and hey presto it works....put the remote down for a min or two come back and it wont operate the tv....i have to re do the codes ...again....now this happens on my hd remote on a small sony lcd tv...but i am having the same prob with my sky+ remote on another tv(samsung) elsewhere in the house....have another hd remote elsewhere in the house on a panny and that works great...

Am i missing something here?

I mean one remote is working a treat an 2 arent? Cant have 2 dud remotes can I?

Is it the batteries?

Any help wud be great




Standard Member
when i put in the 3 code ones the remote led doesnt flash like when i put in the 4...any help cause none of it is working for me :(


Standard Member
okay think i have it sorted now...remote wouldnt flash on a 3 code but woud on a 4...so using the link i got on here i took the 3 codes and put a 0 before them making them a 4...yeah i know it sounds like it shouldnt work but it did and now the 2 remotes are working fine


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