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    I am a proud owner of a Marantz LC3201 LCD tv and also a Kef KIT100 Instant theatre. The problem i have lies in the remotes.

    I do not use the speakers of the lcd. The sound from the tv goes directly to the Kit100. For zapping channels I have to use the Marantz remote. For Sound +/- I have to use the KEF remote.
    Now in the manual of the Marantz LCD they say that codes can be entered in de Marantz remote to control other deveices. Marantz even has a list of codes of a couple of well known brand, but KEF is not is that list. Is there any way i can find out what the codes for a Kef KIT100 are? It would save me some bucks, othewise I would have to buy a Universal Remote.

    Any help would be very much apreciated!

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