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hi im trying to help a friend find a sky remote code for a new LG tv. its model number "LG42PC56." He bought it only 2 weeks ago and is using a revision 6 sky remote control. So far hes tried 0065, 0206, 1206, 0584 and 0398. Ive also suggested trying the search and scan method ? Correct me if im wrong but the search and scan method goes: tv - select & red (double flash) standby, tv, standby, tv, standby, tv, etc until it finds the correct code. Tried this for about 2 minutes but no luck. I tried searching the forums because ive seen the instructions for this procedure before but couldnt find it again. Am I doing it correctly? also another question, if i try the search and scan but use one of the LG codes for example do tv- select & red - tv - 0584 - standby, tv, standby, tv, standby, etc...does this narrow down the search to look through the different LG codes ? any help appreciated, cheers.


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Try the codes on this page:

However, I think it unlikely that a Rev6 remote (designed 4 years before the TV was even a twinkle in its manufacturer's eye) will contain the data - unless the designer was clairvoyant. Best of luck. :cool:

BTW, I would class this as a "Sky related" question. So it wasn't a good idea to post it in the "No Sky related threads in here" section. :rolleyes:

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