Reluctant 3D luddite asks which BD Player for 3D & 7.1 or S/PDIF?


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I'm a bit of a luddite who likes my Rotel 1068 Pre/Pro and Rotel 1075 combo. No HDMI, and till now I've not cared as we are primarily a Sky user.

Philosophy and Mindset: Got burned with the HDDVD thing, so have all but given up buying DVDs. I bought one BD to try out with my HTPC, and got fed up with owning an expensive, depreciating DVD library, so now prefer to subscribe to content. Sky have more movies than I'll ever be prepared to buy again. I also don't buy in to the idea of forever having to upgrade my receiver to meet the latest carlos fandango new standard, being content with Dolby Digital on Sky or DTS on the odd DVD that I still own. For movies, I have a good setup with Quad 5.1 and a Paradigm Servo 15 subwoofer. For stereo listening, I have a separate system in a different room, so I don't care (that much) for the newer High resolution Audio formats in my HT room.

That's the background. Now the Question. I see a new TV in my future, and while I think 3D is still a fad, my family are keen. Source material would likely be Sky 3D, or the very infrequent 3D movie purchase. I might buy Avatar for instance, but nothing else really grabbing me yet! I need a 3D BD player to complement the Sky HD box.

So, if I'm to feed a 3D TV with Sky and 3D BD, I'm conscious that I need a way of getting audio to my 1068 Pre/Pro. I have 7.1 Analogue input in the 1068, and can take Optical S/PDIF too. The Sky box (as I understand it) doesn't do anything fancy with audio and 3D, thus my existing audio connections are ok. Whereas the 3D BD will need to provide either 7.1 analogue outputs to my 1068, or presumably as long as I'm prepared to compromise, I could feed a DTS signal over the digital out?

Is there a 3D BD player that fits the bill (new or secondhand?). Being a cheapskate, I don't want to pay too much, so nothing hiend and new (though hiend older and cheap will work!).

Appreciate your wisdom and recommendations on what models I should be looking for.

(I'm aware that things are changing in respect of analogue outs on BD players, so feel like I need to act now to "future-proof" myself to a degree).


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Being a cheapskate.... :D .... then you won't get decent 7.1 analogue out for anywhere near the money you want. You also won't get any player that allows you to take DTS-HD Master Audio and output that as say DTS-ES.

So... on your budget you will be reliant on your Rotel's ability to turn 5.1 into 7.1, and using good old coax/optical for audio.

Bass management on analogue players is surprisingly incomplete, with the Oppo's being close to the minimum entry point and even they don't have the complete audio setup for analogue with no audio delay option.

The only thing that is changing on analogue out that I'm aware of is the removal of component HD video. I don't know of any plans to remove analogue audio, unless there are moves afoot for HDMI connected speakers....


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Thanks Ian - Although I have a 7.1 Pre Pro, I only use it for 5.1 as I don't have the additional amplification on the HT setup (nor the WAF of an additional 2 speakers!!!). So if I take Optical/(or Coax) out of a 3D BD Player for audio, what do I get - is there no DTS default on the discs? 5.1 Dolby Digital? I can work up from there :)

I can live with OK quality in respect of the 7.1 Analog output from a BD player as a starting point for the fancier formats - especially if means I can transition in slower time (or never!). Better than no sound!

I'd read that before long (not sure if it was end 2013) all BD players would only be able to output HDMI, nothing else. That would of course require me to update my Pre-Pro, which I'm loathe to be forced to do :)

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