Relisys RLT-1720(S/BS)-T

Kuni D

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Got some extra cash this month, so thought I'd finally change my trusty 17" CRT.

I watch a lot more media on my computer nowadays, so I've been wanting to go widescreen for a while.

I've got around £400 to spend, I can be pretty flexible depending on what I'll be getting - if its worth the extra on top etc.

I've found the Relisys RLT-1720BS-T for £399 inc VAT at NexNix, looks like the best deal to me right now:

Native Resolution 1280 x 768
Image Aspect Ratio 16:9
Progressive Scan
Image Contrast Ratio 400:1
Viewing Angle 160 degrees
Brightness 400 cd/m2
Pixel Pitch 0.289mm x 0.289mm
Pixel Response Time 16 ms AV / 25 ms PC

Connector Type 1 x VGA input ( 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) )
1 x component video input
1 x composite video/audio input
1 x S-Video input ( 4 pin mini-DIN )
1 x RF input

Picture-in-picture (PIP)
Remote Control

Now I've read back through most the reviews/comments, and am pretty sure on what to expect image quality etc wise, but I've got one question still nagging me (everyone's giving me different answers?!)

Does this screen support Progressive Scan?

Apart from that, could you recommend another screen? Is there a product being released soon I may have overlooked/not heard of in the same price range/category. Can you tell me a place where it's available cheaper than NexNix's £399 inc?

Thank you :)


there's this as well -

Acer AL1751WM 17" Widescreen; while it does support DVI and has better contrast ratio and brightness, it doesnt come with a tuner as standard.

Also is it just me, or does it look just like the Relisys??

Kuni D

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Something I'll have to sacrifice then :( Decided to go ahead with the order anyways. Should be here in the morning!

Interestingly, the Relisys and the Liyama C171WT are the exact same product - the Aser AL1751WM also uses the same pyshical frame, although I believe it uses an older panel, and does not come with the tuner as standard.

20" version of one of these woulda been perfect - oh well!

Matt Horne

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Its a nice screen...and for that size lacking the prog scan is not a issue.. I use mine all the time.. currently is my PC monitor.. but its been used for movies/xbox/gamecube etc etc..

Good price as well..



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With the picture in picture can you use it as a monitor and have a small section of the screen with the TV playing in it? Just wondering as that would save me buying a TV card for my PC. Also, can you choose the size and location of the PIP or is it fixed?

Kuni D

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This is going to be a huge space saver for me - I can finally get rid of two bulky objects! (17" CRT, and a TV/Video combo)

Suppose I'll have to wait till it turns up to find out, but apparently, last September, when they released the version with teletext, they moved the inputs on the back and added a few.

On the version with teletext, they input's we're all horiztonally across the back - causing problems for wall mounting surely?

edit// found some evidence.

Found a few pics to show this -


Matt Horne

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My version without teletext has the sockets like that..

When I had a look at one in Richer sounds recently they had moved the sockets to a vertical line on the right hand side.. don;t think theres any additional sockets though.


Matt Horne

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I like that.. may be missing some i/o ports.. its got exactly the same as the older non teletext version.. wonder why you do not get a 3 yr warranty through them ??



Kuni D

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Aye the inputs look the same.

Long term I want to wall mount this screen, as I want a projector screen to come down in front - thank god they fixed this, wiring will be much easier ;)

I think they have their info wrong on the ebay thing - should definitely still be 3 years warranty.


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I am interested in this LCD, especially the reviews it seems to be getting and the price its available. However, I primarily want to connect an AEI Digisender to the screen, but that has a fixed scart leads output, and the relisys doesn't have a scart socket (WHY OH WHY OH WHY!?!? :suicide: ).
Is there any connector or adapter that I can get that will allow me to affix a Scart o/p and connect it to this screen?

Any suggestions appreciated

TIA :smashin:


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yes, anything like that would do, but i've looked and cant find anything suitable (at a reasonable price). i need some sort of converter that i can physically plug a scart lead into and then convert to composite or ideally component....

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