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Relisys 1720

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by duncs, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. duncs


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    I have been looking for a new TV for the past 18 months and have been totaly unable to make up my mind between a top quality CRT, Plasma or LCD. The quality of CRT compared to the style of a Plasma/LCD just being a bit to difficult for me to resolve.

    Anyway, last weekend, I thought I would buy a new Portable for my bedroom just to satisfy my credit card lust. So I read the comments made on the Relisys on Saturday evening and went and bought one from Richer Sounds for £400 12 hours later.

    I have to say I am very pleased with my choice. The only problem know is that the quality is so much better than my current 13 year old 21 inch, I'm thinking of relegating that to my bed room instead ;)

    Ok, its not with out its failings. It is a little grey on the blacks. The picture sometimes stutters which I noticed especialy on TOP Gear last night and its annoying that I have to turn off the OSD source display every time I change source.

    So the next things to do - Buy a new TV for the living room, replace my DAVS550 and move it to my bedroom and wall mount the Relisys. Then I will be happy (for a while at least :) )

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