Reliable UK based online store for Camcorders?

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Feb 2, 2001
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Hi i was looking at Canons MV 550i camera, (£850) and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good online source to save a few pounds? i'd prefer it to be UK based. Thanks:)
I can recommend - £549!
I bought my own cam from them & was very impressed with their service. It's had to go back to Panasonic for a software update recently, again LGD were very helpful. Even offering to exchange for a new model, as Panasonic weren't (originally) acknowledging the problem.
Can you let us know what was the model of Panasonic that had a problem ?And what was the problem ?

I am looking to buy one in a very near future so your comments would be most appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
The model of my cam is MX300B. The problem was a 'glitch' in the video/sound when capturing to my computer. The fix is a simple update of the camera software. Lets Go Digital were brilliant throughout. Which is why I recommend them!
Thanks guys, that's a hell of a saving Arthur were there any corners cut? did you get all the accessories normally included?
I have recently purchased the Canon 550i from Lets GO Digital, and as mentioned previously by Arthur in this thread, their service is excellent... they even offer a 30 day money back guarentee... if you are not happy with the Cam, send it back and get a refund!

I know some high street companies will offer a price match, but I would prefer to give my business to the guys that offer the low prices UP FRONT, rather than accepting a reduced margin begrudgingly!

The cam arrived on the day they said, its a UK model (not a grey import) and it had everything in the box that should be there... it even comes with some DV editing software, and a Firewire card!

Can recommend LGD enough! (and NO I have no links to 'em whatsoever... I just buy kit from 'em)

Hope this helps:)
OOOOOPS! Sorry 'bout that. :eek: Still a very nice saving though. And as Budgie sez, it's the full retail package & their service is top 'ole.
I bought the new Canon MV5iMC from Although I think the parent company is French - and I was billed in Euros - I ordered Monday at 11 am and recieved the camcorder on Tuesday at 11.34 am. Cost £720. Inc postage - Currently in Dixons for £1050.0 RIP OFF

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