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Reliable plumber in Fife?


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I have been having problems with a leak in a copper pipe. It has been leaking on and off for a couple of weeks, during which time we have had probs with no heating and/or no hot water.

The plumber thought that rather than addressing the problem, my temp fix to stop the leak would hold. It didn't.

Long and short of it is, we have had no hot water since the end of last week. He promised to come back today and fix it, but no show. No call, no text, nothing. I have my own business as he does, and am amazed that people still conduct business this way.

The crazy thing is he drives past on his way home as he lives round the corner!

Anyway, I always try to support tradesmen who are local, but he seems to think that he can come and go as he pleases. He has been round twice to peer into the floor and grumble about how complicated it is.
So I give up, and am looking for a reliable plumber who can just come out and fix it instead of talking about it.

It is really getting to me as we have a 2 year old and my daughter is 5 days old. no hot water in a house with kids is not really on. My wife has gone to stay with her mum 50 miles away because it's getting to her so much.

Any suggestions? I can expand on the location of leak etc if required! Thanks :)


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well...it's in a copper pipe in the floor, it's the positioning of it that's the problem (next to fireplace with back boiler). There's another pipe next to it (seems like a gap of 2mm at the most). The pipes both sit in a joist. The closeness of the pipes rules out a pushfit.

There is a hearth to the left of the pipes, and a wall at another side. The hole is close to an elbow as well, so soldering a new section would be better. But the system never seems to drain down completely, so solder would just run off.

Plumber had said he would have to cut pipe before the elbow, where the pipe comes from the boiler, and make a 'U' shape of pipe and elbows, then joining it all back up to a straight section away from the joist.

He says he 'might' make it tonight, and if not then it 'should' be tomorrow. I've tried another guy who was recommended by a colleague of my wife, so we'll see!

Deleted member 174041

Hmm sounds tricky.

Gap even to small for a compression fitting?

He'll have to cut the pipe to let the excess water drain away but couldnt he just solder the two pieces back together using a coupler?


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Thanks to all who helped and offered advice, also inc. member plasma123 who sent me a message. The plumber eventually turned up (complete with attitude problem, grumbling and swearing his way through the job). Not sure what he was moaning about really, £85 for 2 hours work can't be all that bad!

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