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Reliable NAS


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I just bought a My Book Live 3tb nas AND i SEEM TO LIKE IT. i'VE ONLY HAD IT FOR 2 WEEKS N AM GETTIN THE HANG OF IT ALL **** sorry bout caps
Anyway I was thinking of sending it back and getting the
Western Digital My Book World Edition II - 4 TB (2 x 2 TB). Reason being it's a little more expandable, i know it only has 2 slots but you can go to 6 TB 2x3TB.

Is there better brands, more reliableanny help greatly appreciated
Just startin a nice Home Theatre network with # PC's $ Mac's and A Newnkyo TX -NR 809 receiver , Smart Bluray. so the network is gettin huge. any suggestions and critisisms welcome!!!


niall campbell

Established Member
eh theres nothing wrong with the one you have ?

just wait as the hard drives will get bigger and cheaper

as long as the one you have has an ethernet connection and hooked up to your router

DLNA equipment is the most important thing !


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Hey Niall, Thanks alot, I'm just realyy getting into networking in the last 2 monts and WOW it's not super hard anymore. I'm gonna take you advice, stick with the My Book Live and wait for prices to come down just like you said!! Thanks
I just bought a ne w router, the Linksys/Cisco E4200 and am having troubles with internal network speeds. I have a Dlink DIR-615 now n it puts out 300Mbps throught the house every device is reading 300. when I hooked up the new router e4200 my internal network speeds all changed so diffrerently I wanna send it back. But Im gonna get support from them to help me set it up.......i mean im good at all the setting up except this ne w router has a media srver, and ftp capabilities, thats why I havent sent it back yet. I wanna make my network available to family n friends cause I have about 1 1/2 TB of movies in all types of formats. I have aqvi's for myself Mp4's for my jmac users and acc, MKV, So i also just bought the WD TV Live streming device rthat plays all the diff formats in 1080 P. so u c I got alot goin on i have 7 comps going on the network 4 pc n 3 mac's.also 6 cellphones, my TV , new Receiver Onkyo TX-NR809 Dude check that out its the sweetest thing ive purchased in years and it will stand up for years, check it out ull c what i mean
I know Im ramblin on sorry bout that
But Thanks so much for replying to my thread
Another Program u should check out is Network Magic Pro, it shows a map of your entire network n who n what is on it . It's soooooo koooll for 30 bucks check that out for sure here's the link check out the video


niall campbell

Established Member
you should stick all your files into something like Divx or AVi

TVs , blu ray players and anything DLNA will play them. My Panny 50 " TV G20 plays it straight off NAS with nothing on

its the way forward.

MKV to Divx doesnt lose quality

have you changed the channels on your router ? dont have it on auto, start at 1 and check them all


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Thats a great idea, I wanted to do that , but my kids that dont live at home anymore have Mac's. aND TO BE HONEST , i DONT KNOW WHAT FORMATS THEY CAN PLAY. uNFORTUNATELY i HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO TALK TO MY SON TO C EXACTLY WHAT WILL PLAY FOR HIM, BUT LIKE i SAID , I JUST STARTED THIS 2 WEEKS AGO AND IM TRYIN TO WORK OUT A NICE, EASY ACCEss **** sorry about caps again!!!!! I suck at typing. as I was saying just what u suggested stick em all into something like divx or avi, but I think the mac users need MP4's to play .........Im not sure cause my son dont have a min to spare grrrrrrrrr im ****** cause i need his feedback. Actually, I'm just gonna research what Mac's can play , and adjust accordingly!

Thanks for the help, I seriously mean thatcause I'm on my own here tryin to figure it all out and your feedback really helps!!!!!!!
I stil havent set the new router up using the free setup service, but first thing in the morning thats whgat ill be doin. I just Hope they can get my speed to all add up to 300 like it is now, wish me Luck lol
So TY Again, TTYL


Standard Member

Ill let u know how it goes , Ill post after its all set up, or if im returning that router for a diff one.

Thanks aGAIN



I would avoid AVI and DIVX containers. Stick to MKV or MP4. Personally, I would go with MKV, it is has the widest support for video and audio codecs. PCs and MACs will play anything with the correct software player.

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