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So i've had a western digital my book (1tb) and i knocked it over the other day (literally, on its side!) and the hard drive is totally screwed!

Not wanting to go through that again, am i unlucky or should i go with a more solid HDD (if so, any suggestions?)

Thinking about how this broke, i doubt a RAID drive would have helped (as if i knocked it over, them both drives could have broken) is this fair?

Thanks in advance!



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do you know what exactly is broken? is it the hdd or the external case?
all im thinking is you could either buy a new hdd to install in the case or buy a new case and use existing hdd
can you try the hdd in a pc or get a friend to try it if your not comfortable opening up a pc
have you opened it up to make sure the connectors inside are still inplace? perhaps one has come loose
having said all this, any wd hdd will be fine, i myself like samsung but not looked to see if they make external ones although if your case is fine could you not install one in it?
from my limited use of these, inside, they are just a sata/ide cable and a power cable so shouldnt be too difficult to check its all connected ok


A lot of drives are quite shock sensitive, I'd say you're unlucky to knock it over (that or clumsy :D), the problem is the drives are not really designed to be portable or to be bashed, though knocking it over is a minimal amount of shock... but that's all it can take - which is usually why I get drives that lie flat, I have this drive and I have it lying on its side as I never trusted myself around it while it was standing up.

As the post before me says you can open the caddy up and get the drive out and you should be able to connect it up to your computer or you can buy an external USB adapter to try read the contents of the drive, but the best way to check is to see if the light/fan comes on with the caddy, if it does can you hear the drive spinning/clicking at all?

All HDs are pretty much the same, not designed for major shocks, I think you'd be better off getting a flat lying drove or even using the same drive on its side, a lot harder to knock it over that way.


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ive just remembered, i had a really cheap caddy once, knocked it over and found it didnt work again. the little circuit board insde couldnt take the shock so the caddy was dead but the hdd wasnt, still in an old pc now ;)


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straight after the drive made a clicking and scratching sound...took it apart and the drive doesn't work even if i connect it to my computer internally...

the only reason i haven't just bought a new HDD for the case is that there didn't seem to be much difference in price between the 2.

so lie flat sounds like a good plan...maybe i will jsut try a new drive for the case though

thanks for the help.

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